Short History and Location

Located in the center of the old world, Istanbul is one of the world's great cities famous for its historical monuments and magnificent scenic beauties. It is the only city in the world which spreads over two continents: it lies at a point where asia and europe are separated by a narrow strait - the bosphorus. Istanbul has a history of over 2,500 years, and ever since its establishment on this strategic junction of lands and seas, the city has been a crucial trade center.


Since Istanbul is the european capital of culture in 2010, it is needless to talk about the dynamic life and the variety of cultural activities in this unique and fascinating city with its history and amazing sites.  And the county of Maltepe, where the university gets its name, draws some attention as one of the many small city centers within istanbul. Maltepe is one of Istanbul's new counties. Maltepe is located at the north part of Istanbul , surrounded with other counties Kadikoy, Sancaktepe, Kartal and Marmara sea. The flat coastal area lies between the camasirci stream in Bostanci in the north and the Bülbül stream in Dragos . Towards east and north there are some gentle slopes while some parts are hilly in the centre and east and the university is located in the uphills and forests of Maltepe.


The oldest recorded residency in the county (Maltepe) is bryas which is supposed to have been located in the area between Maltepe and Cevizli according to the byzantine's records. It is considered that Maltepe was named by a tumulus which was found in the county. The old greek word “Maltepe” means "mound which is used to save treasure or other valuable things in it”.

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